REAL Deal Outreach Campaign

To join the ranks of REAL Deal Credit Unions, please click here.

Click here to see the 2013 REAL Deal Outreach Report.

Looking for a way to help your  members of modest means get ahead? Click here to learn more about the GettingAhead Association if your credit union is not already a partner.

What Is the REAL Deal?

2012 REAL Deal Outreach Report The REAL Deal Outreach Campaign is a framework of four areas where credit unions help people to have the knowledge to make good financial decisions and provide them with tangible programs that really help! The four areas of focus are REAL Sources, REAL Programs, REAL Community Help, and REAL Partnerships. By participating in at least three of the four areas of focus, credit unions are more than credit unions, they are REAL Deal Credit Unions!

To read more about how credit unions are impacting Georgia consumers, click here to read the 2013 REAL Deal Outreach Report. To view the 2012 REAL Deal Report, click here.

REAL Solutions

REAL SolutionsGeorgia Credit Union Affiliates is now an official league partner with REAL Solutions, a program of the National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF) to provide "Relevant, Effective, Asset-building, Loyalty-producing" financial services to working families with low wealth. Through the partnership, all Georgia REAL Deal Credit Unions are also REAL Solutions Credit Unions. Click here to learn more about REAL Solutions.



REAL Sources are informational resources designed to improve consumer financial knowledge with the goal of empowering individuals to make good choices that impact their personal financial circumstances.


REAL Programs are tangible products and services provided by credit unions to assist individuals of modest and moderate means to achieve their personal financial goals.


REAL Community Help is credit union participation in community activities and charitable programs that are targeted to assist individuals of modest and moderate means.


REAL Partnerships are formal relationships between credit unions and other organizations that provide outreach services to individuals of modest and moderate means.

For more information on the REAL Deal Outreach Campaign, please contact Angi Harben at

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