OCTOBER 17, 2014
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Credit Unions Meet with Congressman-Elect Loudermilk
(Issue 1 of 6)

Representatives of six Georgia credit unions took advantage of an early opportunity to meet with 11th District Congressman-Elect Barry Loudermilk and share the credit union message.

  State Hearings Continue on Tax Reform, Other Issues
(Issue 2 of 6)

State lawmakers continued their study of possible reforms to Georgia's tax system with an October 7 hearing in Rome. Potential changes are being monitored closely for possible negative impacts on the credit union system.

  Early Voting Under Way (Issue 3 of 6)
Early voting in Georgia's November 4 general election began on October 13. Any registered voter may vote early; more information is available at GCUA's ElectionWatch website and the Secretary of State's website.

  Credit Union Campaign Effort for Rep. Sam Teasley
(Issue 4 of 6)

LGE Community Credit Union held a campaign tour event for State Rep. Sam Teasley of Marietta, giving him to the chance to meet with constituents and learn more about credit union products and services available to them.

  ICU Day Celebrations (Issue 5 of 6)
Credit unions around the world celebrated International Credit Union Day on October 16. Observations in Georgia included a proclamation by the governor and credit union chapter meetings with state legislators.

  Greenley Named One of CU Magazine's 'Rock Stars'!
(Issue 6 of 6)

Kaytlin Greenley, assistant manager for marketing at Coosa Valley Federal Credit Union, was named to the Rock Star list by Credit Union Magazine, which called her a credit union evangelist.

Credit Unions Meet with Congressman-Elect Loudermilk (Issue 1 of 6)
Congressman Elect Barry Loudermilk, center, with credit union group

On Tuesday, October 14th credit union leaders in the 11th District sat down with Georgia’s newest Congressman-elect, Barry Loudermilk (R-11). Loudermilk won the hard-fought battle to replace Rep. Phil Gingrey, and he faces no opposition in November, thereby securing his position. Credit unions seized the opportunity early to help build a strong relationship with Loudermilk before he travels to Washington, D.C., to serve on the Hill. During the meeting the credit unions took the time to share the value credit unions provide in helping their members afford life and the concerns they have with the increasing regulatory burden placed on financial institutions by the regulators.

Credit unions have a strong presence in his area; thanks to using Project Zip Code more than 173,900 members are identified in the district, and the October 14th group represented more than 105,000 of those members! The group illustrated the value of credit unions, and discussed the regulatory burden placed on financial institutions - topics important to the entire industry. Our thanks to Ron Tomlinson and Andy Harris of Coosa Valley Federal Credit Union; Bob Manning and Jay Gratwick of Delta Community Credit Union; Scotty Bell, Jay Pye and Marty Burnham of Family Savings Federal Credit Union; Kathy Igou, Georgia’s Own Credit Union; Chris Leggett, LGE Community Credit Union, and Terry Hardy from MembersFirst Credit Union for sharing their time with the new Congressman-elect!

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TaxState Hearings Continue on Tax Reform,
Other Issues (Issue 2 of 6)

Georgia legislators continue to analyze the concept of tax reform in Georgia, with the Senate holding multiple hearings, the most recent on October 7th when they convened in Rome to analyze a possible legislative attempt to shift Georgia to a consumption-based tax system.  As reported in the last edition of Creating Influence, tax reform attempts are monitored closely to protect the credit union income tax exemption, as all exemptions can be scrutinized. In addition, attempts to shift to a consumption-based system (as opposed to income tax) are watched as some versions would draw in taxing financial services in the broadening of the base.

Other hearings:

  • On October 9th the House Motor Vehicles Study Committee met again to discuss DUIs, and the use of automatic ignition cutoff devices. This legislative issue is monitored to protect credit union second-chance auto lending programs that utilize starter interrupters.
  • On October 14th a Senate Study Committee met again to discuss mold and mildew issues in apartments, homes and abandoned properties. This issue is monitored on behalf of credit unions as legislation that draws in property also draws in foreclosed homes, which are vehicles for those who seek to set up barriers to foreclosing in Georgia.
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Early Voting Under Way (Issue 3 of 6)

October 13th marked the beginning of early voting for the state of Georgia, with several high-profile hotly contested races (including the race for governor, and the race for U.S. Senate). Credit union people can make a difference in the November 4th elections by simply getting out to vote. To learn more, or to just purely encourage your members to vote, go to ElectionWatch 2014, the GOTV website for credit union members.

Not available on November 4th to cast your ballot? Any voter registered in Georgia can vote early. Voters can see personalized sample ballots, verify their registration status and find early voting polling locations on the Secretary of State’s “My Voter Page” website.

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Credit Union Campaign Effort for Rep. Sam Teasley (Issue 4 of 6)
State Rep. Sam Teasley (fifth from left)

The November elections are right around the corner, and while the majority of the state races in Georgia were battled in the primary and subsequent runoff, there are more than 65 state and federal races that face competition on November 4th. Credit unions have been engaged in the elections throughout the primary and runoff, and in the general. On Wednesday, October 15th LGE Community Credit Union held a campaign tour event for Rep. Sam Teasley (R-Marietta). Rep. Teasley has quickly risen up the ranks in leadership in the House since joining the state Legislature in 2011, is presently the House Majority Caucus Vice-Chairman, and has been an asset to credit unions on the House Banks and Banking Committee.

This event provided the opportunity to connect Rep. Teasley with a large number of constituents, as well as share what makes credit unions unique. During the meeting the depth of services and products that members utilize was demonstrated, as well as the compliance and regulatory burdens on the industry. This event was a great opportunity to grow the understanding of the industry with Rep. Teasley, and help support a credit union supporter.

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ICU Day 2014ICU Day Celebrations (Issue 5 of 6)

On October 16th credit unions all across the world celebrated International Credit Union Day. This year, the ICU Day theme was “Local Service, Global Good” – and credit unions embody that daily with the positive impact on the communities in which they serve. As part of the celebration there were regular radio, print and online ads for October on the “Switch to Save” campaign, with a weekly radio show on WCFO AM 1160 focusing on credit union and consumer issues. And credit unions around the state held member-focused celebrations, with four separate chapter meetings on October 16th to celebrate as a group! Legislators themselves got involved in this weeklong celebration:

  • On Wednesday, October 15th Governor Nathan Deal honored credit unions in this state with a proclamation for ICU Day.
  • The Augusta Credit Union Chapter met with area legislators at their October 16th chapter meeting.
  • The Chattahoochee Valley Credit Union Chapter met with area legislators at their October 16th chapter meeting

All of the above celebration and messaging reinforces the point that credit unions make a positive impact on their communities, and are the best choice for consumer financial services.

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GreenleyGreenley Named One of CU Magazine's 'Rock Stars'! (Issue 6 of 6)

Kaytlin Greenley of Coosa Valley Federal Credit Union was recently announced as one of Credit Union Magazine’s Rock Star list. Greenley is currently the assistant manager for marketing, and has been with the credit union for more than 10 years. Anyone who has been around Greenley notices her infectious positive attitude combined with her credit union spirit, and it’s not a surprise that Credit Union Magazine calls her a credit union evangelist. Congratulations to Greenley on this much-deserved recognition!

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