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Operations and Technology

AdvantEdge Analytics™ provides credit union data and analytics solutions to help improve operational excellence, drive growth and enhance the member experience. Their data management, visualizations, and predictive analytics turn analytical insights into actionable and measurable results.

  • Data Strategy
  • Data Management
  • Predictive Analytics

CU RateReset is a credit union specific service providing solutions for loan retention, loan reset, loan generation and digital pre-approval. Each solution is designed to enhance the digital member experience and assist the credit union in its digital transformation, providing a digital solution to retain loans a credit union already has on the books. CU RateReset allows members to reset the term of a loan to adjust the payment to accommodate life changes or help pay off high coupon credit debt elsewhere.

  • Reset – for Auto, Mortgage, Credit Cards, CDs and Personal Loans: CURateReset enables members to reset existing financial products they have with a credit union without the cost and hassle of financing.
  • LoanGEN – for Loan Acquisition and Recapture: LoanGEN allows you to recapture member mortgages, auto loans, personal loans and credit cards now held by other financial institutions.
  • Digital Pre-Approval – for Credit Card, Auto Recapture, Home Equity Loans and new CDs: You select members to receive offers, submits data to CURateReset, and a personal URL is created and placed into an email, traditional mail, social media or text message.

Over the past ten years, millions of American students and families are increasingly turning to private loans as the cost of higher education continues to outpace increases in federal student loan program limits. LendKey’s cloud-based lending platform helps your credit union quickly and profitably grow your loan portfolio and extend your reach into the crucial high school and college demographic groups. Credit unions receive exceptional benefits, including immediate data on portfolio performance, while offering attractive loans to borrowers. Private student loans put your credit union’s capital to work, provide an avenue for attracting new members entering their prime borrowing years, and support the higher education goals of members.

  • Private Student Loans
  • Student Loan Refinance
  • Member Referral Program

LifeSteps Wallet™ is a mobile banking enhancement suite that will integrate with your credit union's brand and services. The app wraps around and enhances your mobile banking platform, allowing for a more affordable integration of features without disrupting your core mobile banking app. Plus, if your credit union changes your mobile banking provider, this container of enhancement features remains a consistent, recognizable mobile experience for members. It is designed to enhance your credit union's mobile offerings while matching important solutions with your members' major life events and everyday choices.

Categories include:

  • Credit Union Services — Access mobile banking, send and receive money, apply for loans, find nearby ATMs and more.
  • Shopping — Find national brands with exclusive deals for credit union members, book travel plans at considerable savings, pay by phone, link loyalty cards and more.
  • Auto — Members can research, build, price and finance the vehicle of their dreams; keep maintenance records organized; valuate a used vehicle; get on-demand roadside assistance and more.
  • Home — Evaluate powerful house-hunting data, find trusted contractors, track repair invoices, get design inspiration and more.
  • Financial Wellness — Build a budget, set aside emergency savings, discover identity theft risk, monitor credit scores, access discounted legal resources and more.

Wherever they go, chances are your members have their smartphones with them. Why not have them take your credit union along for the ride as well? With a user-friendly mobile site or clever smartphone app, they’ll be able to do just that!

4 reasons why your credit union should get a mobile site or smartphone app:

  • You can reach members anytime, anywhere
  • You become more competitive with larger financial institutions
  • You can reinforce and further build your brand
  • Your members can take you with them wherever they go!

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