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Payment Products

  • ACH Services - In partnership with MY CU Services, CSI provides receipt of ACH files, handling of returned items and notification of changes, as well as origination of payroll for credit union employee groups, collection of loan payments for other financial institutions and resolution of ACH exceptions on behalf of credit unions.
  • Card-Initiated Payments - ATM and Debit Card Services, Credit Card Services, Gift Cards, Reloadable General Purpose Cards, TravelMoney Cards
  • Check-Initiated Payments - Share Draft Processing, Lock Box Services, Forward Collections, Statements and e-Statements Services, Notice Services, Print, Mail, and Fulfillment Services
  • Mobile Payment Services - In partnership with Allied Payments, CSI is offering a unique mobile payment solution, Picture Pay. Picture Pay is a mobile payment product that allows a user to Point, Shoot, and Pay their bills. No longer does a user have to enter all of the information off of a bill to make a payment. Picture Pay is powered by the Mitek Mobile Photo Bill Pay engine which reads the information off of the bill and enters it for the user. Just snap a picture of the bill, enter the amount and date, and your bill is paid. Picture Pay makes payments simple!
  • Shared Branching - CSI partners with CO-OP Shared Branching to provide credit union members access to 170+ locations in Georgia and 5,600+ locations nationally. Program participants gain the convenience of more locations without the brick and mortar expense. Plus, they have the option to open their branches as outlets and acquire transactions while earning additional revenue. Transactions include deposits, withdrawals, transfers and loan payments.


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