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Card Initiated Payments

Debit card programs as well as terminal driving are offered to credit unions at affordable prices. CSI assists in all program aspects, from cost analysis and implementation to daily maintenance. As a collective group, credit unions receive preferred pricing for these services and additional support from staff, as well as access to the CSI Payments Council.

Participating credit unions receive preferred pricing and additional support to grow and manage their credit card portfolios. A wide variety of program growth enhancements are available to allow credit unions to compete with large issuers. These card programs also support the latest technology such as chip cards, ApplePay, SamsungPay, Card Controls, etc.

  • Full Service - Allows outsourcing of payment processing, chargebacks, cardholder member service and more. Provides daily support and customer service to the credit union staff.
  • Self-Administered - Allows more control, because the credit union can perform its own member service, payment processing and chargeback processing.
  • Pass-Through - Allows the credit union to process credit card data on its host system, giving the credit union the responsibility of generating reports, processing statements, running promotions, processing chargebacks and payments and providing member service.

Provide members a convenient gift giving solution for holidays and other special occasions with Gift Cards. CUMONEY gift cards carrying the VISA® logo are instantly issued at any branch office and are loaded with value only once, at the time of purchase. The cards can be used at VISA® locations worldwide.

Offer members an alternative solution to a traditional debit card with the reloadable Prepaid Card. CUMONEY PrePaid debit cards carry the VISA® logo and are embossed with the cardholder’s name. Members can add value to the card at any time. These reloadable cards also work at ATMs and merchants that belong to the Plus® or Interlink® (PIN-based POS) networks. Cards are not directly linked to savings or share draft accounts. Members can also access their reloadable account information through a mobile app.

Help members with a secure way to pay when traveling with the TravelMoney Card. CUMONEY VISA® TravelMoney prepaid debit cards carry the VISA® logo on the front of the card. These are instant-issue cards and members can add value at any time. VISA® TravelMoney reloadable debit cards also work at ATMs and merchants that belong to the Plus® or Interlink® (PIN-based POS) networks. Cards are not directly linked to savings or share draft accounts. These cards are currently available as chip cards as well as magnetic stripe cards.

Family Cards allow card access to young adults, teens or other family members while helping with financial education. CUMONEY Family prepaid debit cards are a financial education product designed to teach teens and young adults about how accounts work. The CUMONEY Family card carries the VISA® logo on the front of the card and is embossed with the teen’s name. The card is funded by the parent, with oversight and restrictions built in an effective way to encourage the cardholder to become a responsible consumer.


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