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Asset-Liability Management
A "What-If" software package is used by the consultants to assist credit unions in evaluating the impact of their pricing concepts in either a falling rate and/or rising rate environment.

Board Reporting Package
The consultants can help you set up the board reporting package.

Budget Assistance
The consultants assist credit unions with analytical and decision-based budgeting. The consultants assist credit unions in determining what their needs are in terms of asset growth, loan and investment activity, share growth, ROA (net income or bottom line) and credit union capitalization. Consultants utilize their own software to forecast.

Business Plan Development (PDF)
The consultants can assist credit unions with the development of various levels of business plans. Evaluation of the credit union's planning needs will help the credit union and consultant arrive at the best possible type of plan to create. Small credit unions may need only a few goals and detailed action plans to accomplish those goals. The more sophisticated and progressive credit unions may want a strategic plan to help them take advantage of their competitive opportunities. Please click the link above for more information.

Chapter Planning Assistance
The consultants can facilitate chapter planning. They can also assist the credit union to secure speakers and or interact with the program committee to plan subject matter and programs that appeal to the members.

Charter and Field of Membership Changes
The consultants can provide credit unions with assistance and guidance when planning for charter and field-of-membership changes.

Credit Union Information Exchange Meetings
The consultants have organized small credit union groups in many areas of the state. Credit union and GCUA staff choose topics and educational information to be shared at these meetings. The consultant aids in the selection of speakers and helps facilitate the discussions.

Financial Impact Analysis/Building and Facilities Plan
The consultants can assist with a five-year pro-forma balance sheet and income statement to analyze the impact of purchasing any type of fixed asset (building, equipment, etc.) as well as adding a branch office. This information can be used for almost any "What If" question regarding the credit union's plan.

Handling Regulator/Examiners' Findings
The consultants can help you plan for resolving regulator and examiner's findings. Because of their experience, the consultants understand what the examiners are expecting the credit union to accomplish. The consultants can provide advice about handling a resolution, customize sample policy, procedures and guidelines to meet the needs of the credit union and the requirements of the regulator.

New Credit Union Formation
Information to help guide interested parties in the regulatory requirements to  form a new credit union. The League is not responsible for the approval of the formation but can serve as an educational resource.

Relationship Assignments
GCUA staff develops in-depth relationships with credit unions to help them with their tactical and strategic goals and to set expectations for coming years.

For more information, please call GCUA at (770) 476-9625 or (800) 768-4282, or e-mail CUDevelopment@gcua.org.


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Georgia Credit Union Affiliates provides personnel and other support services for the Georgia Credit Union League, Inc., Cooperative Services, Inc., their subsidiaries and other affiliated organizations.

GCUA works closely with the national credit union trade association, CUNA, to serve member credit unions and strengthen the credit union system.