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Regulatory Advocacy is a proactive approach to regulatory change. Regulatory compliance is a critical concern for credit unions. Credit unions are subject to state and federal regulations that govern the full range of their operations. In addition to the two primary credit union regulatory bodies, credit unions must be well informed about the regulations promulgated by a wide variety of other governmental organizations. Our Regulatory Advocacy staff is committed to establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with regulators to ensure Georgia credit unions’ issues and concerns are heard by both state and federal regulators.

The League keeps you informed of the latest proposed rules and regulations and their potential impact on credit unions, and provides comments to regulatory agencies to help shape regulations and lessen the compliance burden. The League goes far beyond reporting on new initiatives, however, by taking a possessive role in assisting credit unions work with regulators to build a regulatory environment that will benefit and protect credit unions and their members. Anticipating regulatory change, promoting dialogue between credit unions and regulators, interpreting existing regulation, and acting as an advocate for credit unions in regulatory forums are vital services delivered by the League.

Staff gathers information from credit unions in order to formulate regulatory policy and respond to regulatory proposals. Staff members maintain working relationships with the Department of Banking and Finance and NCUA board members, as well as the NCUA regional office.


The more you get involved, the more likely proposals will be changed to benefit credit unions!