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Helping People Afford Life logoHelping People Afford Life®

Credit unions, quite simply, can help people afford life. With products and services like used vehicle loans for low-credit score borrowers, small value personal loans, savings programs, mortgages and accounts with fewer fees and minimum balance requirements, credit unions are tangibly helping those with middle class aspirations. Credit unions are relevant today because there is not another type of financial institution designed to help working people. With their member-owned not-for-profit structure, credit unions are designed to do exactly that.

Providing value to members is the only reason a credit union exists. And while making ends meet is difficult and jobs and incomes don’t feel like “sure things” anymore, fortunately for the 2 million members in Georgia, they have relationships with credit unions.

For-profit financial institutions are designed so customers deliver profits to third-party shareholders. Credit unions are designed to help people afford life.

Embracing Helping People Afford Life® as a common sense of purpose can do more for the credit union movement than a marketing campaign ever could. In order for this concept to have impact and relevance, it must be embraced by credit union CEOs and incorporated into differentiation language at their credit unions.  Helping People Afford Life® should be used any time the question of how a credit union is different from a bank is raised.

For suggestions on how your credit union can bring attention to the Helping People Afford Life® message, click here.

Helping People Afford Life® Stories
Helping People Afford Life® isn’t just a catchy slogan. It’s something credit unions do every day for real people. For the last several years we have asked Georgia credit union staff to share their stories about the ways they help people afford life. Some of these stories have been collected in an annual Helping People Afford Life® booklet, provided to Georgia legislators to demonstrate that credit unions are worthy of consideration by those who govern and regulate the industry. You can read these stories yourself by clicking on the links below.

2018 HPAL Stories Booklet
2017 HPAL Stories Booklet


Helping People Afford Life® Outreach Report

Helping People Afford Life® Marketing Materials and Resources



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